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Fire and maintenance of devices - alarm and extinguishing systems and maintenance - construction of water stations - fire doors - the rear handling flammable materials - industrial security tasks - instead of confrontation burglary and fire - Alastharpah certificates of all kinds -

Allanthae been the establishment of networks of fire and alarm Life Specialist Hospital was the business of the Department of Defense delivery Talmdna and obtain approval

We are a group of engineers and technicians specialized in the field of fire warning and Occupational Safety and Health are working to provide the best services at the lowest prices and our first goal is FM200 customer satisfaction and we are supplying, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and alarm networks and Alatefaeadsoa networks operating with water or carbon dioxide or gas

As well as the supply and installation of the Italian fire doors at the lowest prices as well as supply and paint timber, fabrics and metals rear flammable materials